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Guaranteed Instant Unsubscribe.

Here's how it works:

Responsible Senders interested in implementing InstantRemove, can apply for an InstantRemove account online. Senders are required to provide 3 points of contact (Email/Phone/Mail), and proof of doing business for at least 6 months.

Senders are instructed on how to easily integrate InstantRemove with their Outbound Emails. InstantRemove requires that all Remove requests be processed immediately in real-time (not as part of a nightly batch)

Once Approved, Senders are allowed to begin incorporating the InstantRemove logo and customized links in their mailings, providing one-click Subscription Management services for their subscribers.

Process-Flow Diagram

Enforcing our Policy

InstantRemove constantly monitors Client Email practices to ensure all Remove requests are indeed processed immediately.

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